Making a Racist Clan Rage Quit


Call of Duty Modern Warfare Search & Destroy Making Racist Players Rage Quit Gameplay + Highlights 1440p 60FPS PC Keyboard & Mouse

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Making a Racist Clan Rage Quit

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20 thoughts on “Making a Racist Clan Rage Quit”

  1. IM DEAD the guy in the mic What? I hear a Bitch i hear a Bitch are you a bitch LOL

  2. Dude someone just tell to this kid to calm down he's giving me a headache…

  3. I started playing like him and someone said me hacker XD(i had to practice all the day)

  4. If you’re calling other gamers ‘racist’ you’re not a real gamer

  5. The team u were playing were arabs its sad to see people from my community being racist and dis respectful

  6. how do i make racist kids mad. do i say something offensive or just report them

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