I Stream Sniped Until He Rage Quit…


I Stream Sniped Until He Rage Quit…

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I Stream Sniped Until He Rage Quit...

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20 thoughts on “I Stream Sniped Until He Rage Quit…”

  1. Justus flowers says:

    And your not the best stream snper

  2. holly segura says:

    You so trashy really like duty water

  3. holly segura says:

    Hagari to do water🤣🤣

  4. Asmaa Mohamed says:

    The cap on this app

  5. sharde blankenship says:

    Can you add me

  6. Xsoundx Ryder says:

    Hey renju can you pls add my friend he is a big fan so he will be happy if you do so thank

  7. Mystery Man says:

    He "never lose lose"
    But he lose more then 3 times

  8. Michaille Gabb Andal says:

    This toxic Fornite player is the worst

  9. Bristol Shrigley says:

    4:15 Died

  10. yazoon_ plays says:


  11. yazoon_ plays says:

    Hi renju

  12. sheila robertson says:

    Did you check can you add me on fortnight my name is treehouse to thousand for you my favorite YouTube or and I have eight I hope your stream snipe him again I’ll pop in to

  13. tg gan says:

    F you RENJU

  14. Riley mcconnachie says:

    Justin sneaking around the biggest fan

  15. A Person says:

    I'm not sure if your following Lufflur or he is following you

  16. Ibrahim AL Balushi says:

    Bruh thats the boi in the last vid

  17. Sarah Sargeant says:

    I like how he is level 1 but he is the best player

  18. SM - 04PS 836623 Walnut Grove PS says:

    yay happy 600k yayyy and uhh more that 500k 😺🥳

  19. Amir the roblox boy says:

    Faze sway gonna kill him in 30 seconds

  20. Renju says:

    so close to 500k😱
    thanks for the support💙

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