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13 thoughts on “Hedex-Ragequit”

  1. NoisyBoi says:

    Crazy tune!

  2. Man's Stew says:

    I played this at my funeral

  3. Felix Heduschke says:

    Why is this kind of music so fcking underrated ?

  4. pit 4Live says:

    Kk lijp

  5. Philip Schneider says:

    Sounds like stepping on pidgeon

  6. Robix says:

    Why this is so good?

  7. León Castro says:

    wtf nice music bruhhhhhhh

  8. Hugo says:

    Here before it goes viral my dudes

  9. Basically? Legit! says:

    Tik Tok send me here.

  10. Woutjhe says:

    Crazy !!

  11. MysticAR_ says:

    Scream was like my nans when I booted her down the stairs

  12. Discombobulator17 says:

    came here just to dislike

  13. Runaway Cat says:

    So this is the song angry german kid was banging his keyboard too

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