Funniest Gamer RAGE QUITS! LOL #11


There are many reasons for a Rage Quit, stupid mistakes or game glitches but the main reason is that YOU’RE GETTING TOO INVOLVED WITH THE GAME!

Funniest Gamer RAGE QUITS! LOL #11

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20 thoughts on “Funniest Gamer RAGE QUITS! LOL #11”

  1. Death says:

    And they wonder why they don't have girlfriends/boyfriends 🤣

  2. Ace Of Spades says:

    I LOVE THESE VIDEOS XD keep up the good work


    among us

  4. Alex Zelinka says:

    Wow this is so funny lol XD

  5. Ricardo Filho says:

    What game is this? 6:19
    Unhappily I forgot the name…

  6. Daniel Elder says:

    4:53, wait what

  7. neversummer160 says:

    I enjoyed this vid

  8. IEienI says:

    2:25 Apparently he makes no money per hour at Hystria… Lmao!

  9. josephine ferrer says:

    Here's something for the rage quiters dont blame the game, blame about you

  10. Simiiformes says:

    Imagine raging over among us ☹️

  11. Anoxof says:

    poland have dragon lore?!

  12. Casper1fan MegaMan says:


    Too hacker appeared


  13. Casper1fan MegaMan says:


    Broken camera


  14. Seti Michael Maxwell says:

    The helmet, What about the helmet? Put on the helmet. But then it will totally mess up my hair. HAHAHA.

  15. Dread Must Ride says:

    Why are you underated

  16. Colin O'Hara says:

    dude destrots his controller with an axe

  17. Antonio Surugiu says:

    I dont want guys say bad words

  18. Dark Zagi says:

    This is why we play on mobile games

  19. Gamer Thrones says:

    Hey guys, I hope you enjoy Rage Quits as much as I do! If so, do a guy a solid and hit that like button!! Much appreciated ^^

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