Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation | Part 2


It’s not just frustrated spoilt kids that rage quit. Some of the biggest gamers like Ninja and Pewdiepie do it too! So for your amusement, we’ve compiled the funniest gamer rage quits on the internet!

Tag TV are having a lovely game of Halo 5. When Bong just snaps…
Yes, he throws his controller out of the window.

Castro1021 is desperately trying to come to terms with his rage after blowing the match.

Then there’s the angry brother Zack, who has no respect for shared consoles.

Sometimes it’s other people’s rage that causes YOU to quit. When an angry ex-girlfriend logs into your email, changes your password and then deletes your Starcraft II beta key email, and films herself destroying it. Twisted.

The buzzing student gamer whose sub-letted apartment is caked in remnants of drinking sessions. Alcohol can make the rage all the more violent.

When that annoying and edgy friend of a friend is invited to your dorm and you end up playing smash bros. And then he smashes your TV to pieces…

Once again the over-privileged older brother Jeff, rage-quits rather calmly. Leaving his younger, more responsible brother begging him to think it through.

Then there are the typical rage-quitters who blame the game.

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Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation | Part 2

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