Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation LOL! Part #5


Welcome to Gamer Rage Quits. Where gamers get so stressed they lose their s#1t.
Causing them in some way or other, to quit the game. All because of their pent-up rage…

In this particular Rage Quit, despite the convincing window smash, if he’s just chucked his PC out the window, how is the blue screen of death still on his monitor? This is clearly just the hollow shell of an old PC.

Chess has to be the OG of video games and can be as mentally taxing as any of its evolved grandchildren.

Wait… Did we just see a panda going by on a scooter? Ah yes. There he is. And then when the friend points the camera through the window to get a look at the wreckage, there’s the panda’s scooter… Parked right beside it… Strange.

Then there are the rage quitters who deny their opponents a clean victory by quitting before it’s over. And then are wracked with guilt.

Some people get angry enough to get physical, but not enough to destroy their equipment… They take it out on themselves, or… just… run and touch a wall?

Now we see a rare breed of quitter. Observe his nest in the corner. He uses rudimentary tools to rage and we hear his rare mating call, as he irks himself into an angry rage fit…

Even pro-gamers rage quit every once in awhile…
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Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation LOL!  Part #5

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20 thoughts on “Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation LOL! Part #5”

  1. Anoxof says:

    a start with poland 🇵🇱


  2. ihsan defu says:


  3. Mahmoud Gomaa says:

    4:37 LOL he’s a true wild beast and I love how he’s impatient national geagrafic XD

  4. James Tidd says:

    Him at 4:00 should be a rapper

  5. im2tired2die says:

    These eps belong in netflix lol🤣🤣

  6. Derek Chan says:

    I tough it’s real but fake!!!!!

  7. Katychi David says:

    ObSerVe His NeSt In THe COrnEr 4:38

  8. A random swede plays says:

    4:50 had me in tears XD

  9. Gabriele Petrauskaite says:

    The Korean gamer got me like😔🕶️🤏

  10. AnimeWar Fans says:


    Kid: Destroy pc, mouse and keyboard

    Uno revease card: Yeah hero we go again

  11. Brandon Lynn says:

    "his mating call??!😂😂😂

  12. Nicholas Nguyen says:

    These are amazing. Plz do more of these XD

  13. Un Faithful says:

    The Asian guy has became such a legend now

  14. Aw3som_GamingYT(θ‿θ) says:

    Angry Korean gamer

  15. J V L I V S Photography says:

    And I thought Mel Gibson had issues!

  16. kishanan nan says:

    2:34 korean gamer gets bullied by computer

  17. cow go moo says:

    he's really like daved atembra

  18. Wølexxgəe 1234 says:

    I a m c r y i n g

  19. Wølexxgəe 1234 says:

    Well that was dope

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