Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation! #10


Have you ever got so angry at a game that you just wanted to smash something?
Here are some people that did just that!
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Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation! #10

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20 thoughts on “Funniest Gamer RAGE QUIT Compilation! #10”

  1. Ya know great nailsage sly is pretty strong though and its my favorite boss in hollow knight

  2. And no joke fortnite is a very very and most very hardest game that i played

  3. I rage quit but never break my stuff. I sometimes I flop the controller down but never hard.

  4. if I get really mad at a game, I just go do some footloose dancing to let all the anger out

  5. WTF is wrong with them they must use Inside rage like me I do it All the time

  6. Maybe that guy was AFK because he needed to pee. Not everybody has a stadium pal.

  7. I was so angry that i almost smashd my parrot in that ***** wall?

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