DsP–returnal is close of a ragequit–whale vs mod–always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy


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DsP--returnal is close of a ragequit--whale vs mod--always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy

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20 thoughts on “DsP–returnal is close of a ragequit–whale vs mod–always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy”

  1. He wants to play kid games like WWE, ND Pokémon snap instead of harder games that are ment for actual adults.

  2. If Phil is so cool with how YouTube runs things, how come reentry into the partnership program had to be part of Twitch apology..? ?

  3. It's funny how it used to be such a big deal when YouTube demonitized Phil's videos. The paypigs needed to step up. And now, it's not a big deal to Phil. It's just one video.

    Strange, that.

  4. If you give Phil a blank check, how much do you think he would take out?

  5. Phil HATES grinding games! That's why he's so In debt to WWe champions because there's he's lazy

  6. So he thinks that the game is not respecting his time because he can't beat the final boss, it's Dark Souls all over again. "This is work this is not fun", morahn ?

  7. The game streamer that says that playing the game is a waste of time… that's new… But on the other hand – it's a pig. Everything is possible.

  8. This Dovik clown. Picturing him laying awake. "I gave $200 to DSP. That's what I did today."

  9. Weird how Phil knows about how the TOS has changed on Twitch (numerous times) but didnt know why he was departnered. Fun times are ahead. ??

  10. I've got nothing else coming in, like Patreon….memory-hole that shite; "OK, fair enough….OK….?"

  11. So shameless he's already begging after making thousands of dollars a week ago + his twitch payment.

  12. Lmfao he loves that two people are fighting over him. To him that’s like two women lusting over him

  13. I only made 50 bucks for sitting on my ass and snorting. DSP – 2021.

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