DsP–returnal is close of a ragequit–whale vs mod–always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy


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DsP--returnal is close of a ragequit--whale vs mod--always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy

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20 thoughts on “DsP–returnal is close of a ragequit–whale vs mod–always blame the trolls-now I can be more mouthy”

  1. Daniel Curiel says:

    He wants to play kid games like WWE, ND Pokémon snap instead of harder games that are ment for actual adults.

  2. Dwayne W. says:

    If Phil is so cool with how YouTube runs things, how come reentry into the partnership program had to be part of Twitch apology..? 🤔

  3. nunya bizniss says:

    It's funny how it used to be such a big deal when YouTube demonitized Phil's videos. The paypigs needed to step up. And now, it's not a big deal to Phil. It's just one video.

    Strange, that.

  4. Super Cartoonist says:

    If you give Phil a blank check, how much do you think he would take out?

  5. Hey Paulman says:

    what a fucking complete and utter moron

  6. Bill Wilson says:

    put Returnals on easy Philbert you know you want to

  7. Bill Wilson says:

    He's not a children's entertainer but his mods and whales act like children

  8. chris jones says:

    Phil HATES grinding games! That's why he's so In debt to WWe champions because there's he's lazy

  9. Charlie says:

    So he thinks that the game is not respecting his time because he can't beat the final boss, it's Dark Souls all over again. "This is work this is not fun", morahn 🤣

  10. Jakub Wroblewski says:

    The game streamer that says that playing the game is a waste of time… that's new… But on the other hand – it's a pig. Everything is possible.

  11. Pango Prime says:

    What happened to Jasper the cat?

  12. BlotRorschach says:

    This Dovik clown. Picturing him laying awake. "I gave $200 to DSP. That's what I did today."

  13. dave b says:

    Weird how Phil knows about how the TOS has changed on Twitch (numerous times) but didnt know why he was departnered. Fun times are ahead. 😂😂

  14. TerribleTerrence says:

    Where can we send you clips? Got me a catch today <3

  15. Anders Pack says:

    I've got nothing else coming in, like Patreon….memory-hole that shite; "OK, fair enough….OK….?"

  16. Sum M. says:

    So shameless he's already begging after making thousands of dollars a week ago + his twitch payment.

  17. Howl says:

    Lmfao he loves that two people are fighting over him. To him that’s like two women lusting over him

  18. Turk Turkelton says:

    I only made 50 bucks for sitting on my ass and snorting. DSP – 2021.

  19. MarkZillaX says:

    why does he sound like ben Shapiro when sped up/pitch shifted

  20. Magnilous says:

    Please everyone, dont fight so i can take your money.

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