DBFZ – Ragequit Compilation 01


If Dragonball FighterZ won’t punish ragequitters in this game, then I will.

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“Quit following me!”


Back Alley Clash – Bomb Boy:

For Technology Tree Boss Act – Wolf Rayet:

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DBFZ - Ragequit Compilation 01

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20 thoughts on “DBFZ – Ragequit Compilation 01”

  1. Naku Chan says:

    Are we sure they aren't just having connection issues?

  2. drippy phil says:

    Im sorry but that goku black had all right to ragequit

  3. Miguel Hernandez says:

    i think its funny how multiple of these fights are with the same ppl so i think most of these are fake considering that pumko guy showed up like 4 times

  4. zcubeDbz says:

    I can kinda understand the people who literally did less than half of your first character's health bar while they had 1 character left at half health. But the people who had you down to about equal health on both of your last character I don't get.

  5. joshyawesome says:

    Notice the first guy is using all top tiers

  6. Rhin Forti says:

    this guy Pumpko was a repeat offender too

  7. Beanie Bannaooz says:

    2:00 this is top tier

  8. Fiera the Proud says:

    5:58 the editing yo that was perfection incarnate

    (Also I love how evidently Goku turned into Goku Black)

  9. Ryan Silver says:

    The one with Squidward lmfao Kioken x 100

  10. Thiago Godoy says:

    i like how squidward came outta no where.

  11. Cyber war says:

    My controller disconnected and my opponent killed me i pressed rematch and he fking left

  12. Glitch hunter says:

    Must… Dunk…

  13. CC CC says:

    I will admit, I've ragequit a few times, but only because I was having a bad day. I could totally see if I could be seen as a rage-quitter though.

  14. Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz says:

    Pumpko is a sensitive little shit

  15. Nike O. says:

    When your enemy rage quits
    There's only one applaudable phrase:
    "Someone here,is a little…..b*tch"

  16. Fusion Phoenix says:

    7 minutes of people being salty

  17. Georelic35 says:

    To be fair, if I was forced to watch my characters getting beat up for a solid 15-30 seconds and I'm not "Skilled" enough to do anything about it, I would quit out of frustration too.

  18. Copy of Lord Shaggy says:

    You are the funniset guy alive

  19. Random Person says:

    Dunks for days

  20. K o a t says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he mains freiza, 16, and super sayian vegeta. I probably have terrible spelling but eh

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