dat ragequit


we have a contender for the fastest ragequit lol
maybe even, 10 years later faster than mine XD
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#shorts #ragequit
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dat ragequit

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20 thoughts on “dat ragequit”

  1. Marcel Poutre says:

    Love it man. Thanks. ❤

  2. ANDREA57ITA says:


  3. Wolves__iTzDirty says:

    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  4. Plant Pot says:

    Nice 😂

  5. Stub RyAn says:

    That ragequit was quite immediate.

  6. Hebu The Lone Wolf says:

    i wonder if he got practice in R6S when downed by Cavera xD

  7. Fabulous5 says:

    just a Roze in her natual habitat

  8. José A Mendoza says:

    "I'm not getting trololoed"

  9. IEGOR says:

    You’re the best ❤️🔥

  10. rafael _ says:

    Cuándo volverás a ver videos de troll de Battlefield

  11. ItsMrHathaway says:

    The Battlefield videos were better.

  12. Heitor Ramos says:

    or shity internet.

  13. * Pharm * says:

    By the speed of that rage quit, im guessing he does that alot. Hes got that on a hotkey or some shit.

  14. Palette says:

    With SuperF4, you can rage faster with the press of Ctrl + Alt + F4! Download now for free!

  15. Dustin South says:

    ANY behavior is automatically acceptable from the first person.

  16. Seoneter says:

    Тебе в тикток надо с такими коротышами.

  17. MagicMyFriend says:

    The fastes hand in the CoD)

  18. Barabaka47 says:

    Ждешь новый ботлфилд, Макс?

  19. ANGEOT says:

    L'un des ragequit les plus rapides😂😂😂

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