Apparently I Make People Rage Quit Apex Legends #Shorts


Apparently I Make People Rage Quit Apex Legends #Shorts

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Apparently I Make People Rage Quit Apex Legends #Shorts

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20 thoughts on “Apparently I Make People Rage Quit Apex Legends #Shorts”

  1. FabianSzpak Games says:

    i like how the guy you kill 1st game becomes your teammate next game

  2. H_H says:

    The 100th comment

  3. Boiray says:

    Nice short bro

  4. Shea Turner says:

    The friendship is nice tho

  5. Alex Boxer says:

    They leave cuz are too many braindead players.

  6. CDeRosaJ says:

    These are the 60 second wholesome clips I truly enjoy

  7. James K says:

    Bet u get so much rage messages

  8. James Tonjes says:

    I quit by accident a few times cause I'm so used to BR where if your team gets killed you just leave… like I've done it three times in a row as a triple stack with friends ;w;

  9. porglezomp says:

    People will rage quit arenas matches if they get knocked in the first round even if their team still wins it

  10. Venom says:

    Dude right when i saw rampart i wanted her sooo bad so i played her and fell in love with her she is the greatest leagened S teir

  11. Krzysztof Suswał says:

    That Valk kill in second game was so savage thought… I bet she was inside like

    "What the f*ck?"

  12. just kill me says:

    Whaaaaaat that shite be hitting for 50

  13. Lucarius says:

    Been a blast using the Mozambique in Arenas. It's like a rage gun that makes people quit if you kill em with it.

  14. Wooolf says:

    I wanna play with u 🙁

  15. Savage says:

    I love how many people rage quit arena

  16. Pundit Games says:

    If I got triple headshoted I would for sure uninstall and reinstall for punish meant of getting triple headshoted

    But it would download it like 15 to 20 min so it’s kinda like a break from apex

  17. Intoxicated Hero says:

    Ur kinda cracked bro daaaamn

  18. mkobe789 says:

    Again where is the cheerio ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😠😠😠😠😠😠😡

  19. inshallah hype says:

    it’s cause the matchmaking is so CRAZY! some games are unbelievably easy and others are impossible

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