1. I cant believe I'm just seeing this. This family has me in tears laughing! Timing and editing is perfect!!

  2. So many people take pleasure out of this woman's vulgarity, going to the lowest common denominator to satisfy base desires for fruitless entertainment. The fact is she has a soul that is tragically lost and in gross darkness, and there is a remedy for the lost souls of man but most prefer the darkness to the light of Jesus Christ, and they prefer their own vile godship over their lives rather than humbling themselves and repenting of their sins and turning away from their sins and being born again in newness of life under the God of the universes true Godship. I shudder to think of what she will face very soon, but she is just fodder for the masses to consume in idle pleasure, they do not care for her soul or the peril she and they are in. Listen to Bill Randles from Believers In Grace in Iowa, John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Roger Oakland, PragerU, FuelProject, Devore Truth with Marco Quintana, Charles Cooper, Brannon Howse, Ray Yungen, Caryl Matrisciana, Warren Smith, Adrian Roger's, David Pawson, David Wilkerson, Walter Martin, Charles Lawson, Joe Schimmel from Good Fight Ministries, DTBM Online Training with Dr John Barnett, FAI Studios with Dalton Thomas, Mike Gendron , Ray Comfort from Living Waters, Last Trumpet Teaching Ministry with Louis Reyneke, Limerick City Church with Keith Malcomson, Blessed Hope Chapel, Off the Kirb Ministries, all on YouTube. This world and all of its pleasures are passing away rapidly, one of my dearest friends died yesterday and he was received into glory. There is no hope in our own flesh or our own works or our own righteousness, our only hope is in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for those who will believe on Him. Bob Saget, Betty White, and Meatloaf all died recently and their fate is eternally sealed and now they know that hell is real.

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