Grandma is Angry! | Anthology of Fear


How’s it going Dazzlers? Welcome BACK to Daz Games, and we’re back with another horror game! Today we’re playing a game called the Anthology of Fear. In the game we take part in a one-man investigation and solve the mystery of our brother’s disappearance. Let’s play the game!


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Grandma is Angry! | Anthology of Fear

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13 thoughts on “Grandma is Angry! | Anthology of Fear”

  1. “Children draw some disturbing shit.” Yeah my five year old brother drew a picture and went “look it’s all of you guys crying around Bentley when he died!” Ok kid

  2. My theory is that the little girl Emily was at home hiding under the cover because she was scared of the thunder while her mom and dad fought so she was staying with her imaginary friend until the dad lost it with her talking to herself and killed Emily with a gun.

    Or that she was on her iPad or computer talking with her friend of how she’s afraid of storms and wants some company and her friend ask I she wanted to come over to her house so she went downstairs to were the mom and dad were fighting to ask and then the dad shot her out of anger.

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