Angry Grandpa Kicks Grandma Out!

19 thoughts on “Angry Grandpa Kicks Grandma Out!”

  1. Does agp know he can fold the seat into that place where the charcoal is and the 2 back single seats can be removed and there be tons of room

  2. I know this was funny and all but Grandpa should've been ashamed of himself for kicking out his own wife.

  3. Poor grandpa put up with so much stress over the years surprised it didn't kill him ?

  4. After growing up and rewatching this im not sure if everything is real , but anyway FUCK MIKE for filming that . ONE of the most stressful , meaningfull moment , where you should receive support , but nah this looser wants even the reaction of his mom when she found out there is no longer a bed for her to sleep on. WHAT A DISGRACE OF A HUMAN BEING

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